Sunday, June 6, 2010

Greetings, Fellow Users

Greetings, amigos. This is Wolf Moon, part-time assistant to America's Help Desk, and full-time crazy person. I've been tasked with user education for our most difficult user group - those at the pinnacle of power. As you can see from some of our recent user issues, such as the Gulf of Mexico Keyboard Spill, there is no shortage of material for incident reports. Given that the Help Desk appears to be completely unmanned, except for a few Nobel Prize winners who stopped the spill in a different universe, I have decided that somebody needs to start making sense.

I do not take this responsibility lightly. The most important people in the universe right now are a tribe of barely Indians living near the gulf in Louisiana - the Houma people. They are rightly worried that this spill will destroy their ecologically dependent way of life. As a fellow barely Indian, I am most sympathetic with their situation. But I will be honest - I am not terribly sympathetic with the perfect storm of left-wing and right-wing political and commercial interests which have resulted in this debacle. This spill could have been stopped immediately by some more decisive leadership and a more humble scientific community.

I am particularly offended by the fact that the politicization of science is, ultimately, at fault here. I'm a scientist, and like all the rest of them, I have an opinion. But as the world's worst scientist, I am free to say whatever I want. Including some very uncomfortable truths.

And that will be my first real post. Coming right up.

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